Color Counterbalance is a website, a bookshelf, a blog... a space to provide resources to help counterbalance the whiteness that dominates our society. Filling our homes with books, dolls, toys, and media featuring non-dominant races and cultures is a start to reflecting in our lives the diversity we want our children to value. 

Please browse through the books*, all of which feature non-dominant culture characters. Some books directly address issues of race and tolerance, others simply tell a story. All provide opportunities for discussion. Select out-of-print books are available for purchase - please contact us if you would like more information.

Because we have had many requests for a list of books, we have created a bibliography that we update regularly. Please feel free to share this with your local teachers, librarians, and booksellers.

On our blog, we reflect on our experiences engaging our children in discussions about race and our efforts to bring anti-bias education to our community. We also write about some of our favorite books.

There are many, many wonderful resources on racial justice. Please check out our "Other Resource" page. On our "Products" page, we link to artists who create bags, jewelry, calendars, paintings, ornaments, etc.; another wonderful way to help represent diversity in our homes.


What can you do to counterbalance the whiteness that dominates our society?

Many of us are asking this question. Here are a few suggestions:



Book of the month

Angela Shelf Medearis’ Coretta Scott King: Dare to Dream provides an easy to read history lesson on the civil rights movement as it tells the story of Coretta’s life. Witnessing her parents’ navigation of segregation and her husband’s philosophy of non-violence are the foreground to Coretta’s own dedication to social justice issues and pursuit of her dream of a “peaceful future for all races.” Dare to Dream discusses complex topics in an accessible way, including segregation and racial injustice, and is sure to start meaningful conversations. This book is one volume from the Women of Our Time Series, which offer “documented life stories about influential women.”